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Photo Description: Four older adults doing balance exercises.
Photo Credit: Des Moines University Osteopathic Medical Center. Jordan Bahnsen, May 1, 2015

Stepping On is an evidence-based program proven to reduce falls and build confidence in older people. A community-based, small-group workshop, Stepping On was developed in by Dr. Lindy Clemson in Australia and was tested in a randomized trial where it demonstrated a 31% reduction in falls. Wisconsin Institute for Healthy Aging developed an American version of Stepping On with support from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that has been tested in the United States and has shown to achieve nearly a 50% reduction in falls.

The Faith Community Nurse Network has received a Live Well at Home grant from the Department of Human Services to host courses for 60 health professionals to become Stepping On program leaders. Each participating health professional will take the course, receiving 26 contact hours, and then provide at least two seven-session Stepping On workshops per year along with local volunteer physical therapists, pharmacists, community safety volunteers, vision experts and past participants. Stepping On workshops will be hosted in faith communities and/or other community-based settings. Stepping On Leaders enroll at least 12 older adults in each workshop. It is anticipated that a total of 1,440 older adults in the Greater Twin Cities and Southeastern Minnesota will be able to participate in this effective falls prevention program through this public private partnership.

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If you have questions about bringing a Stepping On workshop to your community or just would like additional information about the program, please contact Jessica Drecktrah, Program Director, at or 612-237-4639.

The FCNN Stepping On workshops are supported, in part, by a Live Well at Home grant from Minnesota Department of Human Services.