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About Us

Who We Are

4029126The Faith Community Nurse Network (FCNN) is an interfaith, service organization founded in 2004 by faith community nurses for faith community nurses. Our mission is to champion faith community nursing through professional education, communications and networking, program funding, research, and leadership opportunities.

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Who is a Faith Community Nurse?

A faith community nurse is an experienced, actively licensed registered nurse (RN) who has completed specialized professional nursing education focused on intentional care of the spirit in the faith community setting. She is knowledgeable in two areas – professional nursing and spiritual care.

Our mission

Our MISSION is to champion faith community nursing through education, program & professional development, networking, advocacy, and research.

Our vision

Our VISION is to work in partnership with others to bring faith community nursing to every congregation in the Twin Cities.

Our history

The Faith Community Nurse Network was founded in 2004 by an interfaith group of faith community nurses and a Hennepin County Public Health Nurse to help faith community nurses serve people throughout the Twin Cities. Faith community nurses (also known as parish nurses or congregational nurses) had been working in the Metro Area since about 1980, but many of them were isolated, had few resources and needed community connections and continuing education. Today, the Network provides programs and services to more than 350 faith community nurses working out of 235 Jewish, Christian, and Muslim congregations.

“My involvement in nursing research & nursing theory over the past 4 decades has been a rich source of satisfaction & ongoing motivation for me. I was eager to see FCNN enlarge its activities in this area.” ~Joann Wessman