FCNN is committed to fostering, supporting and generating faith community nursing research

Faith community nursing is an important and growing area of nursing practice in the 21st century. Faith community nurses promote high quality care and work to prevent disease for individuals, families and communities. Scholarly work is needed to bring attention to its potential for improving the health of congregations and communities. The FCNN seeks to promote research in faith community nursing to document its overall effectiveness and impact.

FCNN is committing resources in 4 research related areas:

  • Strengthening Network research infrastructure
  • Partnering with regional graduate programs to promote research in faith community nursing
  • Encouraging young nursing scholars to focus research on FCN practice
  • Raising awareness of evidence-based practice among practicing faith community nurses in the Network.

We encourage DNP students to contact us with their ideas for community projects. Click here to view FCNN’s Request for Proposal.

7640850International Journal of Faith Community Nursing (IJFCN)

IJFCN is a peer reviewed journal created to support the practice of faith community nurses worldwide through the publication of current research and best practices.

(You can view the full journal at:

Evidence Based Practice Resources

A recent study found that most nurses want to learn more about Evidence Based Practice and how to apply it to their practice, but have trouble finding resources. There are now some websites on our Evidence Based Practice Resource Page that you can check.

FCNN Announces DNP & PhD Research Grants

2498991Joann Wessman, PhD, RN, Coordinator of Family Health Ministries at Riverdale Church in Andover and member of the FCNN’s Research & Education Advisory Council, made a lead gift in January, 2012 to our Annual Gift Fund. She specified this gift be used to support faith community nursing research by nursing scholars. The FCNN Board of Directors was impressed and decided to make a strong investment in faith community nursing research by adding to the fund and committing to support it, with the help of friends, for at least three years.

The Network will award funds of up to $1,500 to PhD or DNP scholars who research the overall effectiveness and impact of faith community nursing. The Request for Proposal is being distributed to area Schools of Nursing and may be viewed here.

Our thanks to Joann for this gift and her ongoing leadership at FCNN!

White Paper on Research Emphasis within the Network

The Faith Community Nurse Network’s White Paper on Research details our commitment to research and evidence-based practice in faith community nursing. According to Joann Wessman, PhD, RN, FCN, “The Paper provides a blueprint of vision, mission and implementation that can guide Faith Community Nurse Network research activities for months, if not years ahead.”

Dr. Wessman, parish nurse and health minister at Riverdale Church, is a member of the Network’s Research and Education Advisory Council and the Research Committee. She authored the White Paper.

Read our White Paper on Research Emphasis Within the Network.


Executive Summary: Faith Community Nurses November, 2007 (pdf)
Supporting Seniors Across Systems: Effectiveness of Parish Nurse Interventions (pdf)
Care of Community-Dwelling Older Adults by Faith Community Nurses (pdf)
Faith Community Nursing Literature Reference List

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Rydholm. L. (2006) Documenting the value of faith community nursing: Saving hundreds, making Cents. Creative Nursing Journal 2006, (2): 10-12

We welcome your input and suggestions and if you have interest in joining our Research Committee, please contact Wanda Alexander at