The Faith Community Nurse Network (FCNN) is an interfaith, service organization founded in 2004 by faith community nurses for faith community nurses. Our mission is to champion faith community nursing through professional education, communications and networking, program funding, research, and leadership opportunities.


FCNN Champions Research

The mission of our Network is to champion faith community nursing through education, program and profession development, networking, advocacy, and research. Now, FCNN is committing resources in 4 research related areas:

  • Strengthening Network research infrastructure
  • Partnering with regional graduate programs to promote research in faith community nursing
  • Encouraging young nursing scholars to focus research on FCN practice
  • Raising awareness of evidence-based practice among practicing faith community nurses in the Network.


FCNN Announces DNP & PhD Research Grants 

"My involvement in nursing research & nursing theory over the past 4 decades has been a rich source of satisfaction & ongoing motivation for me. I was eager to see FCNN enlarge its activities in this area."Joann Wessman, PhD, RN, Coordinator of Family Health Ministries at Riverdale Church in Andover and member of the FCNN’s Research & Education Advisory Council, made a lead gift in January, 2012 to our Annual Gift Fund. She specified this gift be used to support faith community nursing research by nursing scholars. The FCNN Board of Directors was impressed and decided to make a strong investment in faith community nursing research by adding to the fund and committing to support it, with the help of friends, for at least three years.

The Network will award funds of up to $1,500 to PhD or DNP scholars who research the overall effectiveness and impact of faith community nursing. The Request for Proposal is being distributed to area Schools of Nursing and may be viewed here.

Our thanks to Joann for this gift and her ongoing leadership at FCNN!

“My involvement in nursing research & nursing theory over the past 4 decades has been a rich source of satisfaction & ongoing motivation for me. I was eager to see FCNN enlarge its activities in this area.” ~Joann Wessman

New Research Committee Formed 

Faith community nurses have frequently approached Wanda over the past several years expressing interest in research in our specialty practice. So we were not surprised this Spring when fifteen nurses expressed interest in joining in new Research Committee.

The Faith Community Nurse Network Research Committee, led by its newly elected Chair Sondra Weinzierl, RN, BA, MA, FCN first met in May and hit the ground running, identifying the Committee’s purpose and first year goals and objectives.

Sondra believes and hopes “All faith community nurses in our network will be impacted by our work. I also dare to believe that we will have an impact on the profession of nursing as a whole and the wider health care community.”

It is the fundamental desire of FCNN, and all those now participating in exploring this new chapter on research, to make a positive and indispensable effect on the profession of faith community nursing. According to Joann, there are two specific groups that stand to experience a major impact: “the FCN who struggles daily with the “real stuff” of ministry to individuals, families and communities and regional academic institutions with which FCNN partners in design and implementation of research studies pertinent to FCN practice.”

For many individuals, research is an overwhelming concept, time consuming to do data collection, and confusing with statistical results and analysis. Sondra can empathize completely. “What I am committed to do as Chair of the Research Committee is foster our efforts to make it easier and more possible for FCNs to participate in research efforts. We are recruiting young nursing scholars to launch research studies and programs in our field and are delighted to announce that a newly established grant is available to help fund their efforts. As we help build awareness of the importance of research in our field, I believe that more and more FCN’s will be excited to be part of our efforts to advance our professional practice.”

If you have questions about the FCNN Research Committee or are interested in joining, please contact Sondra at (weinzierlsondra@gmail.com)

From Left to Right - Shirley Connelly, Linda Anderson, Sondra Weinzierl (Chair), Joann Wessman, and Wanda Alexander. Not Pictured: Susanna Bertelsen and Ann Dunagan

White Paper on Research Emphasis with the Network

The Faith Community Nurse Network’s White Paper on Research details our commitment to research and evidence-based practice in faith community nursing.

According to Joann Wessman, PhD, RN, FCN, “The Paper provides a blueprint of vision, mission and implementation that can guide Faith Community Nurse Network research activities for months, if not years ahead.”

Dr. Wessman, parish nurse and health minister at Riverdale Church, is a member of the Network’s Research and Education Advisory Council and the Research Committee. She authored the White Paper.

Read our White Paper on Research Emphasis Within the Network.



Who is a Faith Community Nurse?

A faith community nurse is an experienced, actively licensed registered nurse (RN) who has completed specialized professional nursing education focused on intentional care of the spirit in the faith community setting. She is knowledgeable in two areas – professional nursing and spiritual care.







Faith community nursing is the specialized practice of professional nursing that focuses on the intentional care of the spirit as well as on the promotion of wholistic health and prevention or minimization of illness within the context of a faith community.


"Faith Community Nursing: Scope & Standards of Practice,"

2nd Edition, ANA, 2012

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