Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to our most common questions about planning and implementing Stepping On workshops.

Can a retired PT volunteer for Stepping On workshops?
Yes, as long as the retired PT is either:
1. Still active in training and information updates for their license
2. Or, retired within the last 3 years

Do I need to buy _________ for my display table?
You are not required to purchase any additional items for your display table beyond what you received at the Leader workshop. If you would like to add to your display table, you can always use items from around your home or borrow them from a friend. You can also print photos of different safety items. Click here for more display table ideas.

What evaluation materials do I need to submit to FCNN?

You will perform Rapid Screens during the home visit/phone call after the 7th session. Once all Rapid Screens are complete, return all evaluation materials together to the FCNN office. You can mail them, drop them off, or bring them to the next symposium. Make a copy of the light blue “Attendance Log” to keep for your records. We need:

  • All white “Participant Information” questionnaires
  • All mint green “Post Program” surveys
  • All grey “Participant Evaluations”
  • The original blue “Attendance Log”
  • All completed tan “Rapid Screens”

We do not need the registration forms you filled out with participants.