Physical Therapist Volunteers

Physical therapist volunteers play a significant role in Stepping On workshops. They demonstrate the program exercises for participants and advise safe modifications to make the exercises easier or more challenging. Participants really enjoy the time they have with the PT since they participate in 3 of the 7 workshop sessions. Are you interested in learning more about becoming a PT volunteer? Contact us at 651-204-0904 or

Melissa Lage, PT, talks with Stepping On participants

“I decided to volunteer with Stepping On because I was curious about the program, and found the outcomes from Australia to be very positive. As a PT that practices in many settings spanning acute care to home health, I see first-hand the ramifications of what falls can do to an individual, as well as their family. Sometimes it is life-changing.

What I love about volunteering, is that the participants are very engaged, ask meaningful questions, and really want to educate themselves. They are extremely interested on how to become more confident and safe with navigating in inclement weather, on uneven terrain, steps, etc. I hope to volunteer with this terrific program for many years to come!”

-Melissa Lage, Physical Therapist