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Vision and Falls

Mark Dahlberg, of Vision Loss Resources, speaks to workshop participants

“I work with people every day on ways to regain or retain their independence, and vision loss is definitely a contributor to the potential for falls and the loss of independence. During presentations with Stepping On, I review the most common causes of age-related vision loss, and symptoms which may indicate the need to see an eye doctor. I address some relatively simple ways which can help older adults avoid falls and live more confidently with vision loss. These include ideas for appropriate lighting, using contrast, reducing glare, organization of personal spaces, the importance of regular eye exams and other things.

The best thing about working with Stepping On is engaging people who want to learn something new. I bring a lot of ideas and information with me when I present, but it’s the open dialogue and willingness to share that makes the biggest impact and helps people learn to be safer.”

-Mark Dahlberg, Community Service Specialist at Vision Loss Resources

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