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Data Collection

Data Collection

Data collection is a critical component of the success of Stepping On workshops. Collected data allows us to understand who is being reached by this program and how to improve our services. The materials below are what all Stepping On Leaders will need for data collection and evaluation.

FCNN keeps participants’ names and contact information confidential. As always, filling out the questionnaires is completely voluntary and participants are not required to do so to participate in the program.

Forms and Instructions:

Step by Step Evaluation Instructions
These instructions provide Leaders with thorough, specific guidelines on evaluation throughout the program.

Letter to Stepping On Leaders with Script
This script accompanies the Participant Information Questionnaire and is to be read aloud to participants at the 1st session.

Pre Program Survey
This questionnaire is administered at the 1st session.

Post Program Survey
This survey is administered at the end of the 7th session. It is matched with the pre-survey to gauge program effectiveness.

Participant Evaluation of the Workshop
This form is administered at the end of the 7th session as well. It is used to evaluate the performance of the Stepping On Leaders.

Fidelity Monitoring Tool
FCNN Fidelity Coaches use this tool for the fidelity check at Session 3, 4, 5, or 6. Stepping On Leaders can reference this tool to ensure they are meeting program fidelity standards.

Live Well at Home Rapid Screen
This rapid screen is used during the home visit/phone call to discuss risks the participant may have in remaining independent as well as to make referrals to appropriate services.

The FCNN Stepping On workshops are supported, in part, by a Live Well at Home grant from Minnesota Department of Human Services.