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Minnesota Age & Disabilities Odyssey Conference

As recipients of a Live Well at Home grant from the Minnesota Department of Human Services, Jessica Drecktrah, MHA, MN, RN, FCN and Becky Afzali, BA, will present the FCNN Stepping On program and progress to date at the Minnesota Age & Disabilities Odyssey Conference in Duluth June 20-22. Jessica and Becky will have the opportunity to network with other professionals and advocates, learn about various services and supports, and share the goals and accomplishments of FCNN’s Stepping On. View the poster that will be exhibited at the conference.

Preventing Falls in Congregations

The Network will reach approximately 720 older adults in Minnesota who have a high risk of falling. With the support of a Live Well at Home Grant from the MN Department of Human Services, FCNN will educate 60 health professionals to lead Stepping On workshops in their communities in the Twin Cities Metro and Southeastern Minnesota. Learn more

In Minnesota, falls are the leading cause of injury-related death and injuries requiring hospitalization or treatment. In 2009, older adults in MN made up 86% of fall deaths with a rate that was nearly double that of the US. The Faith Community Nurse Network is addressing this problem with the evidence-based Stepping On falls prevention program. Falls are not a normal part of aging and many falls and injuries from falls can be prevented.

Stepping On is a 7-week community-based workshop for adults 60 years and older that combines balance & strength exercises with home modification, a review of medications, community safety, vision and sleep. Research has found this program results in between a 31% and 50% reduction in falls. Workshop leaders work with physical therapists, pharmacists, community safety experts and vision specialists to provide expertise in areas that are proven to impact an individual’s risk of falling. Stepping On is a highly effective program because it uses the knowledge and experiences of each participant to help them recognize their risk of falling and empowers them to make changes to reduce their risk.

FCNN staff, Jessica Drecktrah, RN, MN, MHA, FCN and Becky Afzali, have lead two Stepping On workshops in Minneapolis at the Volunteers of America Southwest Senior Center and the Heritage Park YMCA.

FCNN has met all 27 Accountability Standards of the Charities Review Council

FCNN has been reviewed by the Charities Review Council and meets all twenty-seven of the Council’s Accountability Standards and was awarded the “Meets Standards” seal.

3269592The Charity Review Council reviews nonprofit organizations in four areas: Public Disclosure, Governance, Financial Activity, and Fundraising. The review works to ensure that an organization’s operations, structure and policies meet widely accepted standards for accountability and transparency. The awarded “Meets Standards” seal shows our commitment to accountable and ethical practices. FCNN is now listed as a reviewed organization on the Council’s Smart Givers Network and the Smart Giver newsletter distributed to households, businesses and nonprofits.

Learn more about the Accountability Standards and the Charity Review Council at:

“My involvement in nursing research and nursing theory over the past 4 decades has been a rich source of satisfaction & ongoing motivation for me. I was eager to see FCNN enlarge its activities in this area.”
~ Joann Wessman